Did you know?

There are dating sims for many platforms.

Pc of course, but recently they started to appear also on Mac and Linux. There are also several flash dating sims but they generally tend to be of lower quality with poor art and writing.


Heileen is a visual novel, and while not exactly a dating sim is still an interesting romance adventure (seen from girl perspective) for Pc, Mac and Linux platforms. Interesting possibility to have lebsian relationship with other girls ;)

Bionic Heart is a game set in a near future: the life of Luke Black is going to be completely messed up by the sexy android Tanya. If you're into robot-fetish, this game is for you!

The Flower Shop is one of the latest dating sim to appear on the market, but it also includes a farming sim! Is available for Pc, Mac and Linux platforms.

Stay tuned for more games!